Misik Kim



I have been working as a professional fiber artist since mid 80's.

I have exhibited in Korea and internationally in invitational, and juried exhibitions. Now I am teaching at Sookmyung Woman's University Museum "Professional Quilter's Course" and Rep of Studio Art Quilt Associates in Korea.

I like feelings those come from routine, daily life.
And I like the harmony of different colors of nature…
Reflecting my feeling I find in my daily routines,
This experimentation frees me from the fixed ideas that I unconsciously follow when I making quilts.

I always use my own hand-dyed cotton pieces to express various kinds of feelings, combine them together by stitching and sewing, and then they transform into images that is in my mind.
I can achieve a variety of colors and shapes, transforming them into the image that I want to create.

My work is Joining one piece to another piece, and then to another.
Seeing the changes that occur, seeing the creation of something totally new, is amazing.
I usually visualize my work by spreading the pieces of fabric on the floor.
I love walking around them, on them.
Playing with fabrics is so much fun.

"The Story of My Life" 133" x 134"