Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Enjoy the Rhythm

"Enjoy the Rhythm", Lin Hsin-Chen

Techniques: Hand stitched, hand quilted with 3 layers.

Materials: Commercial fabrics

Creative Ideas:
Trees enjoy music and sunshine, they are dancing in a happy atmosphere, growing up lightheartedly.

"Enjoy the Rhythm", detail


  1. Oh, I love it! I can feel the trees and the forest and the music. Such a beautiful interpretation!

  2. Beautiful! I can FEEL the rhythm!

  3. Lovely! There is so much movement in this piece.

  4. The light and dark patterns in the printed fabrics and your wonderful design bring the trees to life. They look very happy to me.

  5. A very happy interpretation, the colors, the waving in the breeze. Your handwork is lovely.

  6. Thank you so much for your warm words and support!
    Sorry for my late reply.
    This was such a challenge for me to interpretate my feelings with printed fabrics.
    The inspiration originally came from my trip in Poland.