Thursday, May 10, 2012

Too much pi: Martha Weighs In

Universal Choking Sign
The second challenge, served up by Betty, is a profound one.  What immediately sprung to mind were two pictograms - the Universal Choking Sign (which, admittedly, could have been a reaction to the challenge) and remember when Prince became "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince" back in the 90's? It got me started on what has turned into a really challenging think of a situations that needs to have a symbol to represent it and create it.
Prince's Love Logo
No Sausage in the Freiburg Münster 
We are utterly surrounded by signs, symbols, logos, trademarks, emoticons, and more. We don't even notice the difference between a word and a symbol in many cases. We know what they mean....

Some tell us not to do things.

No Man's Best Friend

!, indeed @ Giessbach Falls 

Some warn us to "Look Out!"

Some are just universal product recognition. I start to think deeper, product recognition means different things to different, great quick meal vs poor diet choice.....unlike pi that has only one meaning.....

Apple Store @ the Louvre
In fact, some symbols even polarize us.
Equal Rights Campaign

So, I think I need to create a symbol that represents some universal truth, something non-subjective, something that can only mean one thing.  It gets more difficult.  Things that come to mind now....hiccups?  I start to realize how few things in my experience mean the same thing to everybody else.  Even scientific data can be interpreted in different ways.  Maybe it will *have* to be something mathematical...


  1. THANK YOU!! always WONDERED what that yellow & blue equal sign was!
    we might need to make bumper stickers out of our symbols :D

  2. That's hysterical Martha, I LOVE the universal choking sign! I can't wait to see your interpretation.