Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Grappling with a Challenge

I am feeling Sue Dennis' use of the word "grapple" rather than Kate's word "enlightened"in their previous posts in exploring this newest challenge.  I honed in upon the idea of something that couldn't be described easily in words, rather than numbers and I have ricocheted all over.  I trailed "road hogs"  for a nano-second, discarding road signs...probably there are enough of them.  Besides, knowing the composite of the group, I thought I should try to pick my game up a bit and go for something more profound.

Then a recent magazine cover (and I won't disclose which at this point) produced yammering talking-heads on TV and radio...the cover image was also a bit disquieting to me, but not for the same reasons the media jumped on it.  And, it coincided with another book and article I had recently read describing the challenges of being a mother.  Okay, there is a big hint.

Having already, without knowing it, informed myself and developed an opinion, actually creating the piece came very quickly.  It's done.

What's interesting about this challenge for me is that, having created this piece, I now realize how passionate I am about the cause.  I don't think that would have sunk in to my conscious without my having thought it through and then gone the extra mile in creating the concept visually.  And, now that I'm finished, when I look at it .... it does symbolize my concept that takes WAY too many words to explain.  Mission accomplished, at least for me.

I can hardly wait until D (disclose) -Day and see what tack others in the group have taken.  Sometimes there is commonality, but this time, I have a feeling the group is going to show its diversity.


  1. Well, Diane, all I can say is, It's about Time! lol. As I sit here struggling with what I'll do, I am heartened by the thought that someone has succeeded with this challenge. Gives me hope

  2. For me, I am waaaay ahead of schedule. Mostly due to the fact that after being away from my studio for so long, I have a hard time getting back in the groove...so all that thinking, and an actual deadline, made me get down to it. That being said, I wasn't inspired to any other projects. I usually procrastinate so that I slide in at the last bell. This time I was at a loss on what to procrastinate with. Trust me...if I could have found something else, I would have. It would have been much easier that grappling.

  3. OMG Diane, do you really procrastinate? Seems to me you've been ahead of the curve in each of the challenges! You description is fascinating and I can't wait for D-Day.