Monday, June 4, 2012

Grappling with a new symbol

Just as Martha, Mary, Lisa-Marie and Misik are, I too have been grappling with inventing a new symbol. At first I thought the new  Pi challenge set by Betty would be easy, but on careful pondering it was anything but! My head was spinning and I had to get back to Keep It Simple Susan- KISS. This Thames and Hudson book 'Signs, Symbols and Ciphers- Decoding the Message' has been in my library for a long time and it was now about to shed light on my dilemma.
I came to realise that symbols are so ingrained in our psyche that we can read them automatically and we are surrounded by them each and every day.
The size of the challenge quilts- 18" x 24" in either landscape or portrait orientation allows me to play with techniques or products I've wanted to try. Out came the Decolorant Plus, black fabric, stamps, paint brushes and outside where it is well ventilated I had a great time playing. You will have to wait for the reveal on June 26 to see the final outcome.


  1. Sounds like you're having a great time playing! I'm enjoying this challenge as well, but I agree creating a symbol is difficult. It's like inventing a new language! Can't wait until 6/26 to see your finished piece.

  2. Grappling here too! Well, now it's past tense...grappled. Today I had that "aha" moment. I'm feeling so proud of myself. I can't wait either...

  3. Love the glimpse of the black fabric in the background, looks like you are having fun! I can't wait to see your final piece! I'm still grappling...

  4. This challenge being landscape orientation has added an extra level of challenge for me! I continue to mull in my rare moments of spare time, but this is my week to grab this challenge by the horns!