Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

"Mirror, Mirror" depicts that shocking "whoa" moment when you glance in the mirror and discover a *much* older person has replaced you, seemingly over night!  It has nothing to do with vanity, not the loss of youthful beauty, it is the disparity between the reflection and and the way we see ourselves!  The way we feel inside.  The enthusiasm, the curiosity, the joy in living and yet......the reflection's reminder, "where has time gone"?  And there is still so much to do!  Though not related to a specific number, for some this phenomena does seem to have a correlation with numbers.  It is an experience that crosses cultures and gender.....one many of my peers have experienced, alas. Thus, I offer a symbol that represents those incongruent feelings we share about our creative, youthful vision of the world vs our aging selves.  It is a reminder to ourselves and others not to judge.

"Mirror, Mirror", detail

"Mirror, Mirror" was created from a "whoa" photo, overlaid with an old photograph, and manipulated in Photoshop. Variation in fabrics allow the perceptual illusion of one or the other silhouette standing out. The 9 image repetitions only very loosely relate to V9, 9 women, 9 creative spirits. The piece is created with raw-edged, cotton, commercial and hand dyed fabrics, that were fused and machine appliquéd.


  1. Beautifully done...even though at (nearly) 60, I'm not quite ready to admit to understanding the subject matter! ;-)

  2. Wonderful command of colour and I can so relate to it! Learning to live with the 'other' face is challenging.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with Kate: beautiful and haunting. Being over 70 (just), I can relate...so many times I look in the mirror and think "who IS that fat, old lady? Why is she in MY mirror...at least she doesn't look unhappy." I applaud you...your mirror reflects beautiful and haunting.

  4. Beautifully done, Martha, and I agree with Diane's comment, because when I look in the mirror I am not the image I see in reality. You portrayed the concept perfectly.