Tuesday, June 26, 2012

No Second Guessing

There is a fine line between looking back with the goal of improvement and second guessing oneself. 

I walk this line often.
No Second Guessing - Front

As an individual and especially as an artist, I strive for continual improvement. I want to be expanding my boundaries and skills by challenging myself and assessing my progress toward my goals. To this end, I am constantly evaluating what could have been done differently; what improvements could be made. I ask myself what choices I made and what else I might have done to further emphasize or clarify my artistic vision.

And though I am a firm believer in self-evaluation, I realize such inquiry can deteriorate into destructive criticism despite the ostensible goal of constructive learning.  One type of inquiry is enhancing and empowering while the other is negative and demeaning. I created the symbol for “No Second Guessing” to remind myself to stay out of the mire when evaluating myself and my work.

No Second Guessing - Back
The background includes four, affirmational statements repeated as a quilting motif:
  •  Trust your instincts
  • You already have the answers
  • Keep it simple
  • Everything happens exactly as it should
Happy trails to you on your creative journey, and stay out of the muck!


  1. Now there's a symbol I'd like in my studio! Well done, Lisa-Marie

  2. Great symbol! I can really relate to your thought process. Nice job.

  3. Great symbol; interesting piece. More interesting -- your commentary. You describe yourself as 'an individual and an artist [striving for] continual improvement'. I would invite you to go deeper...to explore your underpinnings as a person of ...?faith? belief in...what?... My question: how does the 'deeper' self influence your "??" :-)

  4. I too can relate to what you have said and your symbol Lisa-Marie. I wonder if second guessing is part of the artistic process and can lead to a series?

  5. Brilliant, Lisa-Marie- it certainly applies!

  6. Excellent symbol, Lisa-Marie, and it has a wealth of application! Right now I'm using mine for parenting:)

  7. Love the symbol, love the words quilted in the background, and beautifully executed. It applies to so many areas of life, great piece.