Thursday, August 23, 2012

Challenge 3: Horizon

Artist: Lin Hsin-Chen

To overcome successive challenges is an integral part of learning in life. After the second challenge, I can create a more solid conceptual foundation for later development.

 “Horizon” refers not to a real line but to the infiniteness of the line which can only be perceived by feelings. Therefore, we should not search for line, but rather find a way to perceive the line. Lines are indeed a medium that can spark human beings’ creative genius, as well as their impulse for communications, by which the texture of knowledge is born.  

Nature is separated into upper and lower sections by the horizon, generating spatial vocabulary and dialogues. Humans unknowingly come to accept the linear attributes captured in time and space, and meanwhile some sense of awakening, some sort of subtlety, also arises in their hearts. Yet, where on earth do these feelings come from?

Delicate lines carry emotions and expressions, and also other aspects than that should be explored. I want to challenge all kinds of perspectives about lines and discover the touching consonances and fascinating textures composed by lines.   


  1. fascinating challenge, Hsin-Chen! I look forward to working on it.

    1. I look forward to seeing different inspirations from everyone and create beautiful quilts!

  2. So many different ways to see and interpret mind is already spinning! Interesting challenge!

    1. Dear Lisa,

      Lines are everywhere and people can get many different visual feelings with them.
      We challenge it and I hope it will turn be a good creative development.

      All the best,