Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nomad in the Desert

The inspiration for my challenge piece has been an exploration of concrete and transient lines.  The design is based on a photo of my brother sitting at an outdoor café in Aqaba, Jordan.

I love the crisp lines of stone architecture contrasted with the organic shape of a person sitting on a soft couch.  The intense sun creates sharp shadows at this time of day, adding new shapes and colors every hour. 

The title “Nomad” refers to the nickname I have for my brother Patrick.  Born to travel, he never lives in one place for more than a few years.  Although he is constantly venturing into unfamiliar territory and adjusting to new cultures, customs and languages, he has the uncanny ability to remain completely true to himself.  He’s like a shadow gliding easily over the architecture, becoming part of the scene but only temporarily.


  1. Beautiful Kate! I love the piece, especially his hands and shadow on the couch. The bit of diagonal stitching behind his shoulder is brilliant.

  2. PS my husband wants to know how you are able to do such beautiful, intricate work in just two months!

  3.'s not only your husband, Lisa-Marie :^)

  4. Thank you Lisa and Diane! :)
    I tend to work quickly, but this time even more so. I was lucky this challenge because the idea for the design came to me right away. I didn't spend as much time thinking and mulling it over in my mind before getting to work.
    Another benefit was working in my comfort zone, with light and shadow and portraiture. Having my brother as the subject made it easier too, since his face is very familiar. The composition flowed along pretty smoothly once I got into my creative groove.
    This one was a pleasure to work on.

  5. Kate,

    It's so wonderful to view your work again! I've missed you on the Visioning Project and have been remiss at checking your website. You are so right about the contrast in line and form of this piece -- but it is done so beautifully with your careful eye and just a hint of your gentle humour. Love it!

  6. My sister is nomadic also- always seeking what's over the next horizon- brilliant!

  7. Fabulous piece, Kate. I'm also a lover of shadow and line and really admire your execution. Your description of your brother is almost poetic.

  8. Your brother is constantly seeking new horizons so what an apt subject for your beautiful work Kate.I love how you have captured the strong light and given the buildings and your brother so much colour.