Saturday, September 8, 2012

Scent of a Memory, Hsin-Chen's Response

Another whole new challenge-the scent of a memory. This is such an interesting topic.
Honestly collecting and keeping record of a sense of smell are not my custom. However I can recall my past. When I visited a perfume company in France the first time, my body was covered with sweet smell; I hopped in a cab with smell of cigarettes; a smell of sewage after floods, etc.

The most unforgettable memory was when I went to a church after the Haiti earthquake; I saw a big bunch of lilies under the statue of Mother of God. The flowers smelled so soft and sweet. I then sketched the beauty of that lilies and the sweet smell remained in my mind. A friend of mine told me lily is considered the flower of the Virgin that means praying happiness.

I would not like to make the sense of smell drab through this 4th challenge because orientals often say a masterwork contains nice, tasty, and frensh; just like a sweet dessert.


  1. Lin,

    How appropriate this lovely post today -- a day commemorating the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin! Freshness, sweetness, happiness -- may these bless your creativity!

    1. It was such a great pleasure for me to have this opportunity to achieve this significant plan and creation with Viewpoints 9. May these bless everyone who loves to create!