Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lemon Lace

On seeing a lemon bush in flower with the waxy petals of the lemon flower and smelling its delicate scent, I was transported back to my childhood, surrounded by a large lemon orchard. Dad tended the lemon bushes and on Sundays the lemons would be packed in wooden crates, for the produce market.
As children, my brother and I loved to eat slices of sour lemon. Later as an adult, I sliced lemons preparing them for lemon marmalade and these days the squeeze of fresh lemon juice accompanies many dinner dishes.

 Materials- Cotton, textile ink, thread, wadding.
Techniques- Hand printed, whole cloth, machine quilted.


  1. I love it Sue! I used to eat sour lemon slices too! There is nothing quite like the scent of citrus.

  2. I love this piece. Beautiful variation in the shapes and colors.

  3. What a wonderful memory! The lemons printed beautifully....great detail! A really fun piece.

  4. Who knew that you could get such detail from a lemon!? I can smell lemon...RIGHT NOW!

  5. Thanks for all the comments. I'm also really thrilled with how the lemons printed. I have printed onions and they leave a distinct 'oniony' odour in the fabric- much nicer with lemon!