Thursday, November 15, 2012

Challenge 5: Behind the Mask

From: Lin Hsin-Chen

I received the fifth challenge when I was in Houston. I was extremely excited to meet Ms. Martha Wolfe, Ms. Diane Wright, Ms. Betty Busby, and Ms. Lisa-Marie Sanders from Viewpoints 9 personally. We gathered together and shared our ideas about sentiments towards creation. That was a rare moment for us.
I enjoyed the topic-Behind the Mask, which allows me to do what I want into a work.

There were mostly cloudy days in November in San Francisco when I was there. I looked at the Golden Gate Bridge from a distance. It was hard to see a full view of that bridge. I believe it was not its intention to hide the beauty. But the most amazing enchantment was the half-seen; the indistinct look was very charming that attracts people eagerly to see it clearer. I believe the bridge looks different in cloudy days, rainy days, and sunny days.

Not only people put on a mask easily, but objects and events will do the same in different situation to deal with everything. This is what I thought while walking on the bridge.

I then walked down the bridge and saw the beautiful roses that were not affected by the weather. They did not hide themselves to face the world positively. Or was it the beautiful roses had their own magic mask to cover themselves?


  1. As with all these challenges it will be exciting to see the individual interpretations. I like your Nature analogies Misik.

    1. Dear Sue,

      How are you? I am worried about you when I heard the news of natural disaster in Australia.

      Yes, the challenge allowed me to think deeply outside Taiwan. This was such a rare experience and will be a meaningful learning to me.
      I hope my work will go smoothly.

    2. Sorry Hsin-Chin, I have accidently called you Misik! We are all well although our city had some very bad weather last weekend. We were not in the affected area.