Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tangle Net

The internet is an amazing connectivity tool for us around the globe, from far flung regions to big cities; it has broadened our view while also narrowing our vision. The issue of e-crime in a TV drama inspired my focus on the 'face' we present online.
All the threads of our lives can be revealed if we choose or hidden from view and a new identity invented. We can create a Tangle Net of truths, half truths, lies, hopes, wishes, ideas, dreams, disappointments etc, etc. It's all incredibly complicated, just as we are complicated and have many strands to our personalities, making our lives interesting!

Materials: Cotton and synthetic scraps and thread cuttings, wash away, stitching thread

Techniques: Free motion stitching, free motion applique and couching


  1. Hear, hear! I so agree and I love the way you have create the tangled web (we weave:).

  2. Well said, Sue! That is a brilliant way to describe the internet: "it has broadened our view while also narrowing our vision."
    We have access to so much information but somehow it's easier to remain ignorant. We can pick our facts. There are so many sites that reinforce our own beliefs, so we can hear like-minded opinions all day and block out other people's views/opinions.