Thursday, February 21, 2013

Challenge 6: The Extraordinary in the Ordinary

I love to travel and discover new places, people, customs, traditions and generally poke about. Often I'm surprised by the ordinary things I see and often see the extraordinary in the everyday of another culture.
Bicycle in Mumbai, India
Now, I invite you to take a journey!
It can be actual or via the armchair, but you must travel to a country other than your own. Once there look around, observe, take in the sights, sounds and smells. Experience the humidity or cold, generosity or indifference of the people.
Tree in Utah, USA

Think of this challenge as seeing with fresh eyes and being open to new inspirations.
Post box Tainan City, Taiwan

Have fun exploring and discovering what, to you, is the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Indian palace door

Please make your quilts in landscape format, 24" wide x 18" long.


  1. Hi Sue,
    Joining Viewpoints 9, I feel I am continuously being pushing forward. It allows my foot to walk to somewhere unknown with different moods. Every challenge is like a new world. Thank you. I will ride your bike to learn faster, and reduce the pattern of footing. I am considering not doing hand-sewing this time, which is the first thought came to my mind when I receive the challenge. I am looking forwarding to seeing the development of this challenge.

  2. What a perfect challenge for you, Sue. So often I look at your blog and do my own arm-chair traveling to the exciting and colorful places you travel. What wonderful experiences and memories you, no doubt, have! I will look forward to sorting through my own to create this piece! Thanks for the opportunity!