Friday, April 26, 2013

Slovak Tattoo

This challenge had me going round in circles at first because I had too many ideas. My daughter suggested  I concentrate on Slovakian embroidery, which had been on my list.
Slovak Tattoo is the result, as I thought about how an embroidery from my Grandmother would translate into a modern tattoo. Many people choose to have their arms or other parts of the body covered in tattoo imagery significant to them, either choosing old traditional designs or drawing their own.
Silk organza, delicate like our skin, is the base fabric and the design has been inked to replicate hand worked satin and running stitch.
Perhaps this could also have been named The threads that Bind ?
Materials: Pigma Archival Ink pens, silk organza, thread
Techniques: Hand drawn, machine stitched

1 comment:

  1. What a great interpretation, Sue. Incredibly clever, I think, and contemporary, too. I love the delicate look of organza.