Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Travel preconceptions

The challenge set by Lisa-Marie is just as difficult as any other our group has tackled! Lisa-Marie was very open and honest in talking of her preconception in regard to the driving incident of the past.
I am feeling uncomfortable thinking about preconceptions I've had in the past related to people- how wrong we can sometimes be! I've now adopted the attitude that most people have an interesting story to tell if we have the time to listen.

However I can also relate the preconceptions theme to travel, having just arrived home from 5 weeks in Europe, mainly France and Slovakia.
The Eiffel Tower, such an iconic symbol of Paris and indeed France. It is used to death on t-shirts, posters and a multitude of souvenirs. We waited in line, like other visitors, to reach the second floor for a magnificent view over  Paris. Before we arrived at this level we had imagined sitting with a cup of coffee, quietly relaxing and taking in the view.
How wrong could we get! The atmosphere was one of push and shove to get the view and the café area was very uninviting and unappealing to us. We could not get to the third level, as this was very popular and closed to further visitors for an hour or so.
Instead we chose to go elsewhere for our coffee and had a great lunch too, without the crowds!

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  1. Hi Sue! I wanted to find something else to use as the challenge, but this story kept coming back! Perhaps I need to make a piece of art to remind myself of your wise words: that people have an interesting story to tell if we take the time to listen...