Monday, July 8, 2013

Child's Play

I came to art late in life after years of being convinced by teachers and siblings that I lacked talent. A dear friend Cindy was the first to say otherwise. After admiring one of her paintings, Cindy told me it was easy, that I could paint too. I assured her I had no talent for the visual arts. Determined to prove me wrong and encourage me, she took me to a local art store, told me what to buy and took me home for an impromptu watercolor lesson. 

I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!! My first painting was a little crab for my parents who collect all things crab-related. As loving parents, they treasured it as if it were their first child's refrigerator door offering. They even had it framed. I couldn't believe that I could paint something that actually resembled my subject matter! 

Well, sort of. My crab was yellow and pink. Crabs where I live are blue. But no matter, Cindy didn't tell me it had to be realistic, she merely encouraged me to play, experiment and have fun. 
Just like a child would do. 

Woo Hoo! In this challenge, I get to play with nature, I am Captain of the Universe! Flowers can be green, leaves can be pink and sheep can be blue! (And there is no nay-saying teacher to point out that my art "should" look a certain way.)

This challenge resonates with me on many levels:

  • The childlike play that should be a part of our art along with the discipline and development,
  • The memory of a friend who encouraged me to believe in myself; to open the door to possibility regardless of my preconceptions, and
  • The power of art to change lives.
What a great way to end a wonderful cycle of 9 challenges with 9 talented artists. Thank you Mary.


  1. Agreed! As one who was told the same thing...and came to art in her fifties...Play on!

    1. Good for you Margaret! What changed your mind and encouraged you to develop your art?