Monday, August 26, 2013

Where's Jack?

I had fun with this challenge and in the end trying to come up with a title for my quilt, with the family helping was a fun event too!
Where's Jack

Artist statement: News Flash- Giant Bean Stalk Discovered in Jungle. 
Explorers have discovered a Giant Bean Stalk, thought to have been extinct, deep in the heart of the jungle. We are unable to reveal the exact location for fear of thief of this rare specimen. Botanical researchers are trying to contact Jack as his expert opinion on the authenticity of the discovery is needed.

Materials: Cotton fabric, dye, fabric paint, tulle, metallic and cotton threads.

Techniques: Dyeing, printing with foliage, created fantasy bean stalk, painted wadding, machine applique, machine quilting.
 Thank you to my fellow Viewpoint 9ers for taking the time to come up with these amazing challenges, pushing us out of our comfort zones, extending our skills and knowledge and forming friendships across the seas. It has been marvellous and I look forward with anticipation to a new, exciting round beginning on September 1!


  1. What a fun piece! I love it!

  2. I love the piece and the story that goes with it!

  3. Wonderful colour-play, Sue! I knew you'd have fun with this one.

    1. Yes Mary I had to come back to my comfort zone with the printing and have fun with the story! Thanks Kate and Carol for your positive comments.

  4. I've been watching your blog recently and wondering how you might integrate some of your experiments and elements into this challenge. A fun piece...I love your bean stalk design!

  5. So very interesting: beautiful, complex layers on the front end and a great story on the back end. Well Done!

  6. Sue, this is beautiful! I love the colors!
    I agree with Martha because I've been watching your blog sometimes.
    It's a lovely piece!