Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mary's Response to the First Challenge

On my way to Beijing, but have been giving a lot of thought to our first challenge.

Coincidentally, I was chatting with my daughter and younger son the day before the challenge was posted and the topic of synesthesia came up - syntesthetes are people who "see" language or numbers in various colours. I have since done a little research and learned that Kandinsky was one - he had a lifelong preoccupation with creating the painterly equivalent of a symphony with his art. David Hockney may be another, asserting he hears music as colour and shape. He once claimed, "When I listened to the music, the tree just painted itself."

I will be particularly challenged this month as one-third of the time allotted to respond with my fiber art, I will be traveling and unable to do more than think about what I might create.

However, before leaving home, I did listen to the Vivaldi piece a couple of times - I remember discovering the "Four Seasons" back in university and enjoyed listening to it again. As I did, I tried to "think" in a different way - to see what images the music conjured up for me. It was difficult not to think in terms of "summer" as I was already so familiar with that association, so what I "saw" when I listened was: buzzing of insects, lush flora, warm sunshine, and the busy-ness of a garden with birds and squirrels and the constant change and growth indicated by the lively rhythm. And most importantly, I was especially aware of the layering of these images, which I am sure will guide my work when I am able to get back into my studio.

I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing what the other participants are thinking about as they respond to this inspiration!

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  1. It's interesting the way the name of the movement so readily colors imagery and yet, if I had no idea which movement it was, I would have guessed it was autumn. Just the tempo, so frantic, then focused. So many different ideas spinning around in the group....should be interesting!