Friday, March 23, 2012

Misik's Response to the First Challenge

Viewpoints9 give me a new world.
Even if I can't understand how to progress well, but I will try to follow what other members do.
I always try to express the image that come to my mind in my everyday life.
it is so difficult to express something I felt when I listen to music.
It's first time to do it to me.
But this is my new challenge and excitement.
I have to go China two times in March.
So I am so busy mentally and physically both.
I participated in the Shanghai Quilt Festival last week and I am going to Beijing
to participate the conference & Exhibition in Tsinghua University by the organizer
of Korean works.
However, in what the trip to escape the familiar and experience new things look forward to me would be helpful.
After returning to the everyday life, I think to have probably afford to do work in next month.
Vivaldi was reminded the school days.

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