Thursday, April 19, 2012

Adventure-Lin, Hsin-Chen

Starting to connect from first adventure.
I am curious about how my inspiration could be connected with music? I have never tried like this before. No similar experiences? May not.
But I do like listening to some music while creating. I don’t have certain favorite type of music. However, VIVALDI’s melody and rhythm are brisk.
I only made little progress since listening to it a few times; it was like a barrier that awaits for me to go through.

Don’t wanna reel deep inside but somehow I realize my “Adventure” is waiting to guide me in somewhere.
I returned to listen to the music I usually tune in.
It reminded me of visiting Chopin’s former residence in August, 2011.
I saw a chair that can play music in the garden. (Once you sit on it the music will automatically plays.)
I was so touched by the quiet and elegant atmosphere there. It made me feel better; every tree and bush was like dancers dance trippingly. Sunlight was the best lighting engineer and they performed a moving dance drama for me. It was very memorable and rememberable.

What if the trees dancing with music and leaves jumping up and down?
I immediately draw some lines of what I pictured at that time. What kind of encounter will be between the lines? It surely will be an interesting adventure. I tested a few methods while creating and realized lines will be my purpose. I will arrange time to finish it.

My favorite is still hand sewing creation, I can use needle and thread meticulously to express what I feel. Even though it is much slower than any other methods, I am sure time pressure and beauty of work have relativity between them. This is will be my adventure.

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