Thursday, April 26, 2012


"Halfway", Martha Wolfe
When I started, I knew what the music reminded me of, a frenetic time in life when things were always  Run, run, run, and then it would all calm down.  I went through numerous illustrations of this experience in the design process and finally just closed my eyes and listened again.  Building to a crescendo...running up stairs, running down stairs, a sunny window halfway, briefly harmonious.  Repeat.  With all due respect to Vivaldi, no summer in sight.

"Halfway" is made from hand dyed cotton and raw-edge appliquéd.  Machine  detail and quilting.



  1. Wow Martha, your mastery of the monochromatic is wonderful! I love the light and contrast in your piece.

  2. really thought provoking- are we rising out of the gloom or descending into it?
    thanks for this unique interpretation.

  3. Martha, this is beautiful. haunting. I like the way you kept the figures simplified, so you can't tell if they're going up or down.

  4. Didn't read the shapes as 'figures' until I read Kate's comment-thought it was reflected window light, but now, gives me more to ponder. So different- I love it!

  5. thanks for the comments - this whole experience has given me pause to reflect on how I think :) the piece does not portray the movement and urgency in a literal way - like Kate's did. It's about a place where I would have those feelings. Interesting. The shapes descending into the depths were lights. I debated putting in long vertical lines attached to them and decided against it. It leaves it open to interpretation this way.