Thursday, April 26, 2012

From old memories

"From old memories", Misik Kim

When I was listening to music, I remembered my long ago memories of my works.

Faded memories ......

It is first challege to me, so  little afraid.

But I could  also enjoy to work with a different feel.

"From old memories", detail


  1. Misik, I really like your piece! Your use of black and gray add a wonderful sense of depth.

  2. I felt the strong dark lines....but I prefer your undulating lines...well done.

  3. I too felt a 'fear' before I began working, but you have gone beyond that and given us much to contemplate. I didn't consider the use of dark colours so your piece, Martha's and Diane's bring a new perspective for me in regard to the music.

  4. A wonderful interpretation with depth and movement. I like the visual movement from positive to negative---a lot like the music.