Monday, August 27, 2012

Beyond the mountains, the small town story

"Beyond the mountains, the small town story"
By: Misik Kim
Put the picture of this challege on the wall of the my studio.
watching it for a long time,
A lot of imagination.....
Beyond the mountains, what?
Imaginary town was peaceful and quiet.
These kind of challenge works are the first time for me.
The space 18" * 24" was a new challenge to me, too. 

"Beyond the mountains, the small town story", detail


  1. I love the energy of your quilting and how it complements the vertical lines of your piece.

    1. Energy, yes...but a certain overall serenity, too...

  2. Misik I love your use of the subdued colour palette. I can transport myself to the Korean mountains with these colours. Wonderful to have your viewpoint in these challenges and so good to see you in Taiwan.

  3. For some reason the title of this piece reminds me of Shangri La. I remember in 6th grade listening to a radio broadcast of "The Lost Horizon" and imaging something similar, a town nestled beyond the mountain. Lovely composition.