Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Landscape

by Misik Kim

I saw the image of Lin's challenge, that comes to mind first was gray color.
I felt comfortable, like the landscape of the countryside of my country.
I prefer to express with colors than realistic expression.
To read various artist's different approaches is a very interesting thing.
This is also a challenge to me.
How to approach and how to interpret.....
all these things are interesting for me.

I remember this work “ Christmas in the town” and other works.

The detail for “The Temple”
The detail of “In the Mt Bookhan” 
I remembered my works associated with landscape.

Then I try to express different direction.

It is my challenge.

I will go to Taiwan to participate in the Exhibition TIAE 2012 in the middle of this month.
I’m looking forward to seeing Sue Dennis, Mary Pal, and Patricia Gould in there.


  1. Misik it will be interesting to see our different interpretations. See you soon in Taiwan.

  2. Misik, I too, enjoy reading the individual artists interpretation of the challenge. I look forward to the results of this challenge!