Saturday, October 13, 2012

colors in my memories: Misik responds

I do not know why I am not sensitive to the scent.
But Many scent are located in my memories.
If you go chasing the scent, memories of my childhood are there.
Grandma's old sewing machine, old sewing box ..... 

We live in four seasons, each season has a scent of its own.
Specifically, the Autumn seems to make people more sensitive.
Autumn comes in Korea now.
It seems to be a season of memories.
There are many reminiscences in my memory.
past memories of scents, like the smell of burning leaves in the autumn…..
It is a good memory.
Even a good thing? Like the smell of coffee freshly fried and smells of ripe hazelnut.


      This is Changduck Palace in Seoul.
      I went there and took the pictures last fall.
      The royal family lived there.
      It is called  secret garden.
      I like this place.


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