Friday, October 26, 2012

colors in my memories Ⅱ

from: Misik Kim

"colors in my memories Ⅱ", 18" x 19"
In this challenge, I was working like a child playing with dolls.
I took many patches from old fabrics box and working with them
It was a great pleasure to play with the colorful kind of cloth.
It is like a journey to the past.
"colors in my memories Ⅱ", detail


  1. This is so gorgeous and happy. I bet you had a wonderful childhood!

  2. Such a joyful piece...filled with memories

  3. Misik there are many beautiful fabrics and their memories in your piece. Have you also pieced and quilted by hand?

    1. I pieced and quilted by machine.
      They are silk and beautiful.
      I love these fabrics.

  4. I love the way everyone draws from memories in different ways. I guess it helps one understand how, even we are experiencing the same thing, what it means is very personal and unique. I love the way you describe your experience, Misik, and the colorful piece you've created.