Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Primal Scream

In his book The Art of Loving, Erich Fromm mentioned the inherent conflict in wanting to be loved as an individual and wanting to belong. We want to be special, unique, individual and yet we need to be part of society, accepted, not outcast. Both are essential to our survival and sense of well-being and yet they appear at odds. I suppose this is the origin of our personal masks; temporary shields to our true selves in an attempt to be accepted and to belong.

Before I had a design for this challenge I knew I had to construct it as a collage.  A raw edge collage. Fuzzy, overlapping, uniquely shaped pieces. Kind of like me; comprised of fragments of experience and emotion.

I named my piece Primal Scream because, as Erich Fromm suggests, I have a primal longing to be known deeply and honestly for who I am. This involves removing my masks, revealing myself and risking rejection. It’s a work in progress…a lifetime of work! The way I figure it: you can’t go wrong if you act out of love. So actually, the biggest challenge isn’t removing my mask but ensuring that the origin of my actions is love.

The quilting of Primal Scream reads:

“…behind the mask the truth of who I am is complex and multifaceted yet centered in LOVE”

I used Shiva sticks to emphasize the words "Love" and "Who I am".

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  1. I think you have struck on something with Erich Fromm's observations on the need for individuality and acceptance. I think a lot of us wrestle with that balance..and yet, there are those who seem to transcend the need for belonging and push the envelope. Trendsetters? Can they function without a mask better than the rest of us? I asked myself so many questions this challenge. Your collage is very multi-faceted! I like the use of negative space....sort of screaming in the darkness.