Monday, January 21, 2013


by Lin Hsin-Chen

Thanks to Ms. Sue Dennis for giving us this interesting challenge.

Recently, I have been busy handling various business reports, budget and final accounts…etc. It’s a long-term stressful job. I’m familiar with dealing these matters, so it seems to be easy and trivial for me. However, those matters are complicated actually. In short, the combination of a series of simple things becomes extraordinary.

I often leave my working environment with complicated emotions, worries or some problems that awaiting to be solved. I expect the change of time and space would help me up with those matters. This week, with an unhealthy heart, I went on an adventure of mountain hiking with a group of experienced elders. Mountain hiking seemed to be an easy thing for them, but for me, I could only follow their path and walked slowly behind them. While walking, I felt kind of nervous, helpless and very unconvinced. I am at least 20 years younger than those walking in front of me, why aren’t I as healthy as them? Undoubtedly, this trip didn’t solve my worries, but increased my hard works and fatigue.

When I finally reached the destination, I shared my hard feelings with the elders. One of them told me it’s just like I could make a quilt easily, but it’s an impossible mission for them. Everyone has their “ordinary” abilities and “extraordinary” expertise. Indeed, the elders concentrated on walking, and focused on the adjustment of footsteps and breathing, while I was walking around and taking photos for my creating. I didn’t concentrate on mountain hiking at all. No wonder the 10-kilometer journey was too exhausting for me.

While we were discussing, a shop nearby showed us an interesting scene. It’s just like reminding us that it’s ordinary for chameleons to change colors, but it’s extraordinary for them to pile up and change the body temperature and color together. What a perfect answer for this trip!


  1. Hsin Chen I love the way you view the world and think. It also opens my eyes to viewing the ordinary in extraordinary ways.

  2. I agree with Sue, I love your perspective. One person's ordinary is another's extraordinary! There are so many things around us we take for granted that are truly extraordinary.....the natural world is forever reminding me!

  3. Thank you for agreeing with my views. I just came back to Taiwan from Japan yesterday. We rarely have temperature below zero in Taiwan, and I even think snow is fun. However, Japanese are afraid of snow would disrupt their lifestyle. Sue’s challenge let me confirm that everything has multi developments, and it also reminds me not to be opinionated. I wish Sue is not affected by rains and winds in Australia.

  4. I love the lessons *I* learned from your elders ... 1. we each have our talents and strengths, and 2. stay focused! Thank you for telling the story.

    1. Thanks for your reply. It’s so true that we each have our talents and strengths. Also because of it, the cooperation and sharing with other people is so important and valuable!