Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Different from Our Thoughts

by Lin Hsin-Chen
I attended an exhibition in France in mid May and met many European artists. I found many groups are quite similar to our Viewpoints 9. Some of them use social network for public viewing and some of them don’t, but they have one thing in common, which is the long histories. Some of them even have been lasted for 20 to 30 years. I was stunned by their attitude and spirit of cooperation. It was truly a valuable opportunity of exchanges and I’ve seen diverse insights from them in the world of quilting, including creating styles, discussion, communication, art work publishing, obligation and cooperation between members. There’s a lot I can learned from them. 

I’m lucky to have the opportunity to visit different cities and experience various local cultures. During each journey, I often encounter something that is “different from my thoughts”, not only in quilting professions but also in trifling matters of everyday life. I always try to blend in and learned from the local people, but maybe I am not knowledgeable enough, I often feel upset and start complaining. Worst of all, the unsatisfied current situation not only affects my emotion, but also violates my creating and self-learning plans.

In fall, 2009, I visited Chicago and stayed there for 5 days to enjoy the arts and architecture and so on of this city. The Millennium Park located beside Lake Michigan let me absorb in its cultural and leisure atmosphere. What a great chance for meditation and rethink about those things that I used to complaint about! When I stood in front the tremendous work, Cloud Gate, all of the people and things looked distorted. Both our attitude and the environment keep changing, so if we don’t keep learning and adjust ourselves, maybe the friends around us would see a “distorted” person. The world is always different from our thoughts. Keep learning and accept the fact seems to be the only solution.

The sudden enlightenment in Chicago helps me a lot in dealing with people and things. Also allows me to adjust myself in a very short period of time in Europe and accept and appreciate diverse groups. Thanks to the previous learning experience that have changed my views. All my best wishes for the future development of Viewpoints 9.


  1. Hsin-Chen, I LOVE your comment "The world is always different from our thoughts. Keep learning and accept the fact seems to be the only solution." It is so true! I think you've captured the crux of this challenge (both artistically and emotionally). I always enjoy reading your insights.

    1. Thank you, Lisa-Marie. I really enjoy the challenge topics from Viewpoints 9. While learning to grasp the core, I’ve also learned al lot on life issues. This article was posted on June 5, which was the same day I went to hospital and had the surgery. I think I was kind of sharing my feelings about cutting off the tumor. My tumor was as changeful as the Cloud Gate, and its existence was just like an immature insight that needs to be removed. Thanks for this challenge that allows me to record my journey of fighting against the tumor. I’m very grateful to be part V9 that giving me so many learning opportunities.