Friday, June 28, 2013


Who? is the title of my quilt in the preconceptions challenge. I decided to concentrate on the preconceptions we can have about people based on their appearances. It's our outer wrapping of skin, hair, clothes etc that we present to the wider world each day.
 That first glimpse we have of someone walking down the street or the first interaction we have with someone not in our social circle; how important is physical appearance?

Other preconceptions I ignored were quilt related ones. The quilt was quilted back to front using the printed fabric as a quilting guide and a zigzag stitch finishes the edges rather than traditional binding.
Faces appear and disappear in the background which is coloured in skin tones.


  1. Wow, Sue! A wonderful piece and comment. I love the way this is composed. I feel there is a lot more I can't appreciate without seeing it up close.

  2. Fantastic work, Sue. The sheer fabric for the people was a great choice - I like that you can see some of the drawn images through them. And the loose threads under the sheer makes me think of thoughts racing through their heads.

  3. Thanks for those positive comments Martha and Kate as I never know if I have hit the mark or not when trying something new, in this case the cartoon drawings of faces in the background- some done by my older grandchildren and the whole concept of what I was trying to say.
    The sheers fabric is 3 layers- 2 of net with a middle layer of another synthetic fiber. This was then free motion stitched to hold it together, before being appliqued to the quilt surface.

  4. You did a fabulous job Sue! How wonderful that your grandchildren helped! I think your layering the faces was very effective. I'd love to see it up close too.