Monday, July 1, 2013


by Misik Kim

"If........", ©2013, Misik Kim

I've never felt this challenge much harder then before.
Easy to start, but felt increasingly heavy.
To participate in this like challenge was first experience for me.
I've been very difficult from the first challenge.
Sometimes these challenges came with pleasure or stress.
But now, eight works and valuable experience remains to me.
However, this experience will stay with precious memories in my work
If I thought it is too difficult and so I didn't attend, I will not have this feeling.
It is happyness.

Size : 24 W 18 H


  1. I love your piece Misik! The name, the colors, the energy and motion...all are lovely!

  2. Misik, I think you are summing up what many of us in Viewpoints 9 feel. The colour palette you have chosen is wonderful.