Monday, August 5, 2013

Naturalistic Meanderings

Saturday I attended a quilt show looking for examples of Naturalistic Intelligence, our current challenge.  It was a fairly traditional show...but it was the only fiber thing going on locally.

(Besides there are always vendors and I knew two of my friends would be there:  Mickey Lawler (Skydyes) and Susan Ball Faeder, who had come from PA. We had fun catching up.)

The show was not very big...but still worth supporting...on the hunt for Naturalistic Intelligence :^)

Pat Ferguson's beautifully machine quilted whole cloth was very interesting...both sides.  You could choose your favorite.
Pat Ferguson's Zen Nosegay detail

Pat Ferguson's Zen Nosegay wholecloth

There were plenty of well executed quilts...many very artfully done.  The group quilt "A River Runs Through "it was noteworthy.

A River Runs Through It group quilt
But "Sexy Pixels: Gibbs Quilt" by Angelina Kendra won my total attention...and a grin.  To quote her: "I converted a low-resolution pixelated photo of Mark Harmon to two-inch squares in eight shades of grey.  Stand back (and maybe even remove your glasses) to really see this quilt.  No, that's not a hot flash you're feeling!"

Her 64"x64" work was my vote for Saturday's Naturalistic Intelligence Award!

Sexy Pixels: The Gibbs Quilt

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