Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cognitive Correction

by Lin Hsin-Chen

The quilting world in Asia is mostly under the commercial domination and this problem is particularly serious in Taiwan. There are fewer people in fiber arts that can set up their self-learning goals and accomplish their dreams as a fiber artist like I do. Getting a foothold in Asia is relatively hard. The unwritten rules are just like a rope that ties the freedom of creativity, which not only harms creative quilters but also distorts the true intention of fiber arts. I’m quite envious of the creative environment and atmosphere in the U.S. and Europe. That’s why I set up TAQS (Taiwan Art Quilt Society) and try to find a way out. Hopefully I can see the environment to be changed and improved gradually. Being a part of Viewpoints 9 has helped me to widen my vision and influenced my perspectives in many aspects.

This spring, when I was attending an exhibition in Provence, Nature gave me a “hint” by showing me “black flowers.” It brought me new inspiration for the future and altered my original cognition of Nature colors. The color of Nature is ever changing and beyond our expectation. It helps me to learn to accept something that exceeds the original cognition.

Nature is just like a Master who guides us to renew our knowledge and vision and allows us to see our shortcomings and change our concept. It is always a happy thing to participate in Viewpoints 9.

All the best to everyone!

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