Monday, August 26, 2013

Out of Control Weather

by Lin Hsin-Chen

Global warming becomes even more serious in summer 2013. Human beings are luckily enough to be able to hide into an air-conditioned room to regulate body temperature. The pursuit of comfort is a human instinct. How about all the other living things on Earth? Are they as lucky as we are? The temperature is getting higher and higher every year. The problem of global warming seems out of control. What a hazardous time we are in! It’s hard to imagine that we human beings will become “climate refugees” in the future.

I attended a cruise trip in July. As a first-time cruiser, I enjoyed the facilities on the ship and felt everything was so novel. But I felt confused when I was listening to the tourist guide on the cruise explaining how the coastline landscape has been changed due to climate change, flood and drought. It swept away my joy and made me feel sad. Why does the environment change? How will it affect the future?

Getting off the ship, we visited the coastline of Okinawa. I saw a scorched tree standing obliquely under the hot sun in the marine park. The tree leaves just looked like black nets. There was no wind under the shade, only high-temperature heat instead. I guess the tree also felt unwell as I did. I quickly ran into the air conditioning car. How about the tree? Does Nature have any method to resist the hazardous climate? Or does it just show the reality in front of human beings and try to give some warns?

Admittedly, this trip was no much fun. The cruise brought me to the coast and let me see the ecological truth and the environmental change we’re facing, which is very different from what I saw from an airplane. The scorched black tree was definitely an unforgettable scene for me! Pray for the Earth!

Materials: commercial cotton, poly batting, lace, silk, flannelette, knit patterns
Techniques: 100% hand-stitched


  1. Very evocative quilt and your sentiment is shared by myself and many. We have to respect and care for mother earth and protect other living creatures.

  2. A lovely interpretation of the global climate story.

  3. Wonderful use of patterns and colours, Hsin-Chen. Such beautiful art is a good reminder of the beauties of nature that need our care and protection.

  4. Hsin-Chen, you are a great story teller - both in your words and your art. A cautionary tale. Your use of so many different colors and fabrics is a fitting example of all of the colors that exist in nature!

  5. Masterful and beautiful with a strong message of care and concern for our environment. I love the use of the fabrics other than 'regular' quilt cottons.

  6. Thank you everyone! I’m happy to share the thoughts of the climate issue. The inspiration came from the short moment when I spotted the tree. I believe it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

    Thank you, Mary, for bringing this interesting challenge to us and I enjoyed it a lot!
    I can’t wait to start the new cycle.

  7. Climate refugees and global warning portrayed so wonderfully....even skeptics could be persuaded. Meaningful message! Well done, Hsin-Chen!