Vivaldi Gallery

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"V-Voom", Sue Dennis
"Enjoy the Rhythm", Lin Hsin-Chen
"Halfway", Martha Wolfe

"From old memories", Misik Kim

"Color Dance", Lisa-Marie Sanders

"Where Has Summer Gone?", Diane Wright

"Summer Rhythms", Mary Pal

"It's On", Kate Themel

"Cloud Study", Betty Busby


  1. What a wonderful collection! I would love to have any one of these (but preferably all nine) hanging in my home. Such different approaches to expressing the same piece of music! And yet I hear the strains of Vivaldi's creation when I look at each one. A superb first challenge - thanks, Martha, for organizing this!

  2. Such an interesting collection of quilts around the same challenge. I should not be surprised, as this is a very talented group of quilt artists.

  3. Thanks for creating this gallery, Martha! The quilts look great together.